Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Desperate Gay Boy

I went to gym on Monday. I had made appointment with my PT for that day. Waiting and waiting for my session. I ended up meeting with my friend and chatted for a little while. We chatted in our native language. Suddenly, a guy that I secretly admired from the gym walked by and said hello to me. He asked me (in Indonesia language)"Are you Indonesian too? How come I never saw you before in the gym?". It was a bit shock for me talking to a guy that I admired. And I answered:"Yeah, I've seen you before". Honestly, I wasn't happy that he said he never met me before. Because every time he went to the gym, I would secretly put my eyes on him. I know I should not expect anything from him. As I even don't know whether he was gay or not. Or even a homophobic. But after this conversation, I felt "high". Maybe I seldom talk to hot guys, it made me trembling when I encountered one. I love this feeling. I was not exaggerating but I really felt extremely happy for that 20 seconds conversation. I don't know what the feeling would be when there was a guy asking to be his date. Oh...I am dreaming. Ok guys, I just hope to be noticed. I want hot guys to approach me and ask for my mobile no. I want a boyfriend!!

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